Anand & Lauren Chevy Chase View, MD

Peter & Rosalie Grazzini Bethesda, MD
October 27, 2017

Dear Anax,

Well, we can’t believe we’re at the end! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we met you in the freezing cold in front of an old house to pull out plans on the back of your truck!

I know you know the story, but it’s worth repeating: When we took a tour of the house on Lone Oak, we were blown away by the precision and care that we saw exhibited in that house. We talked a lot about you and wondered if you’d be interested in building for us. After some time, I decided to give you a call. You were in Brazil at the time and told me that when you returned we could talk. When I got off the phone, I looked at Anand and said “that’s the guy who’s gonna build our house!” There was something about you that made me feel comfortable from the moment we spoke. And when the three of us met many many months later, Anand agreed with me. It was this comfort that made us decide to work with you.

Anax, you really are a wonderfully kind person and a terrific builder. This has been a tremendous experience for us. We’ve had sleepless nights because we’re both worriers, but we NEVER worried about the quality of the house. From the beginning, you put us at ease. And that was the best thing about you, as a builder: you never made us feel scared or nervous about things not working out well. You always tried to comfort us in the most honest way and most importantly, you always tried to keep your word.

Anytime we met a subcontractor or another builder who had worked with you before, they would gush about what a great guy you were. Of course, we knew this was true, but it says a lot about someone that EVERYONE who knows them always has kind words to say about them. It’s a professional compliment and also a personal one. Anax, you have a lot of integrity. We had our stressful moments during this process. Times when all of us were frustrated with the other, but in the end, I always knew that your integrity and our trust in you would get us to the finish line.

I think I can speak for both of us when I say that the most amazing thing about you is that no matter what the problem, you always tried to find a solution. You’re not a “no” guy. Sometimes the solution wasn’t always what we wanted to hear, but we al­­­­ways knew that when we asked you to think something over, you gave it great thought (unless of course you forgot!! :-). The other thing that I, as a woman really appreciated about you, was how much care you took in explaining things to me. Very often when you meet a builder they don’t give the “wives” the same consideration and respect as the husbands. But with you, I never felt like you were too busy to explain an issue to me or too bothered by my questions. I learned SO much from you, and for that I am personally very grateful.

We can honestly say that we love our home. We love the color of the house, which was a big decision! We love the trim, which we know was a big undertaking. We love the floors and even those darn palazzo doors! We love the deck and the patio. We love the care you took in hanging the dining room light (thank you), and we wanted you to know that all the little things that you did for us (especially with trying to help us make the numbers work) and all the things you did to get the details just as we wanted them did not go unnoticed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I tell everyone who will listen that I will never build another house without you and I really feel that way. So, when I hit the lottery and I call you to build my beach house, please be ready to pack up your truck and your crew!

Anand & Lauren Sharma

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